SEBOMAX HR anti-hair loss tonic 75ml


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SEBOMAX HR ANTI-HAIR LOSS TONIC quickly and effectively reduces hair loss and thinning, extending the life of the hair and stimulating its growth.

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SEBOMAX HR ANTI-HAIR LOSS TONIC quickly and effectively reduces hair loss and thinning, extending the life of the hair and stimulating its growth.

The powerful blend of natural ingredients such as Baicapil™, amino acids, vitamins and caffeine supplies the missing micro elements to the hair follicle, strengthens the attachment of the hair to the scalp and keeps the growth phase (anagen) active. After the first few applications, the hair rejuvenates and restores its density, strength and shine.

Suitable for:

For weak and lifeless hair

Hair loss after Covid

Seasonal hair loss

Hair loss after pregnancy and childbirth

Thinning and falling out of the hair of a general nature

After hair transplant procedures

Suitable for men and women


Stimulates rapid hair growth

Reduces hair loss by up to 60% after 3 months

Strengthens the attachment of the hair to the scalp

Keeps the growth phase long

Increases hair density by 18%

Increases the number of newly grown hairs

It does not get greasy or aggravating when used

Baicapil™ – provides a 60% reduction in hair loss in just 3 months. Keeps the growth phase long.*

*according to in vitro and in vivo tests.

How to use:

Apply Sebomax HR anti-hair loss tonic only to the roots of the scalp once a day. Distribute 6-8 sprays on separate areas all over the scalp. Massage gently until the tonic is completely dry. Do not rinse. For optimal results, you can combine with Sebomax HR anti-hair loss shampoo.

Recommended use – minimum 3 months. Non-greasy and weightless feeling after application.

Skin Concern

aqua, alcohol, propanediol, caffeine, inositol, arginine, pyridoxine hcl, niacinamide, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, panthenol, cetrimonium chloride, glycine, tetrasodium edta, biotin, rosmarinus officinalis extract, lactic acid, menthol, ethylhexylglycerin, glycine soja germ extract, triticum vulgare germ extract, gluconolactone, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate

Active Ingredients
  • Baicapil – Innovative complex, a combination of synergistically acting three plant active ingredients: extract from the roots of Scutellaria Baicalensis; Soybean germ extract; Wheat germ, which is clinically proven to fight hair loss, stimulates hair growth and increases its density and counteracts hair loss.
  • Glycerin extract of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L. extract) – Improves the condition of the scalp and hair, enhances hair growth and reduces hair loss.
  • Caffeine – Neutralizes the negative effects of testosterone on hair growth. Extends the Anagen phase, improves hair growth and quality and counteracts hair loss in both men and women.
  • Soy Protein – Improves texture, strengthens, and repairs damaged hair. Contributes to the nourishment and strengthening of hair follicles, thereby accelerating the growth of new hair. By moisturizing the roots, soy germs contribute to the restoration of elasticity and silky shine of hair, stimulate the growth of hair follicles, and protect them from cellular damage.
  • A combination of amino acids and vitamins with a proven positive effect on hair loss – Arginine, Glycine, Niacinamide / vit.B3, D-panthenol / vit.B5, Pyridoxine hydrochloride / vit.B6, Inositol / vit.B8

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