Urea – your personal superhero for skin health

The skin, our body’s largest organ, functions as a veritable superhero with the crucial responsibility of shielding us from the adversities of the external environment, thereby safeguarding the overall health of our organism. Add Urea – your personal superhero for skin health and beauty because in winter, this mission becomes more difficult, as the amalgamation of cold temperatures, biting winds, and reduced humidity poses a formidable challenge even to impeccably healthy skin. The repercussions swiftly manifest as dryness, flakiness, itching, and discomfort. An interesting observation is that dry skin afflicts women more frequently than men, with blondes experiencing it more commonly than brunettes.

Here’s who will come to our aid:
Whether you were born with dry skin or it’s dehydrated due to seasonal and environmental factors, relief is at hand in the form of Urea – your personal superhero for skin health and beauty. You’ve likely encountered the term ‘dermocosmetics,’ also referred to as ‘medical cosmetics’ owing to their development with special ingredients and formulas designed to effectively treat specific dermatological conditions or skin problems. Deep hydration products are taking on a progressively significant role in the offerings of dermocosmetic brands. Frequently, their ‘common denominator’ is an ingredient known since biblical times—


Without delving into complex chemical formulas, it’s safe to assert that urea stands among the most effective and safe substances employed in the cosmetic industry. It ranks among the top three natural moisturizers found in the top layer of our skin, the other two being lactic acid and amino acids.

What are the special powers of urea that make it so powerful?
Firstly, urea is hygroscopic, providing intense hydration; in other words, it can capture and retain water in the skin. Its second power is keratolytic—it softens and removes dead cells from the epidermis (the skin’s surface), thereby soothing irritations and itching.
If urea has already won your favour and is vying to become your new favourite cosmetic super-ingredient, we hasten to clarify that the minimum concentration ensuring optimal care for dry skin is 5%. However, don’t be misled into believing that the higher the urea content in a product, the more deeply moisturizing it will be. A concentration exceeding 15% has a pronounced exfoliating effect, akin to cosmetic acids. Hence, urea is also included in the composition of products designed for feet and cracked heels.
As cliché as it may sound, ensure you drink enough water every day! To keep the skin well hydrated, aim for at least a litre and a half of water daily. Additionally, avoid blasting the heater or air conditioner at full capacity, and refrain from prolonged and frequent exposure to cold and wind. Always wear gloves when handling household chemicals.
And last but not least, keep the skin clean, but avoid overdoing it with long, hot showers and baths. Hot water strips the epidermis of the essential fatty lipids crucial for its protection, washing them away akin to how you clean kitchen utensils. Without these valuable fats, bacteria and microorganisms can penetrate the skin more easily. If you have a habit of vigorously rubbing yourself with a towel after a bath, it can exacerbate lesions. Replace this damaging practice with gentle patting with a towel, then ensure to apply a moisturizing body lotion, preferably containing urea.


So, in conclusion, let’s summarize that for the health and beauty of the skin—your personal superhero—three things are important: water, urea, and of course, attention.
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